LOUISE 18-Piece Ivory White Porcelain Ceramic Black Mosaics Dinner Set of 6*Dinner Plate,Dessert Plate,Soup Plate Set


ArtDecorLux is dedicated to providing high quality porcelain dinner service sets in everyday life.Combined with the classic coupe shape, a wide range of patterns has been developed by a team of designers.Not only visually beautiful, the exquisitely processed dinner service is also suitable for use with microwaves and dishwashers.Enjoy meeting and dining with your families and friends.Let it enrich your table and make the recipient happy!
ArtDecorLux LOUISE 18-Piece Ceramic Tableware Dinner Set
Type: 18-Piece Set

Material: Porcelain
Pattern: Mosaics
Dimension: 7.5" dessert plate L*W*H: 19.2*19.2*2cm Weight: 361g
8.5" soup plate L*W*H: 21.5*21.5*3.8cm Volume:180ml Weight: 431g
9.75" dinner plate L*W*H: 24.7*24.7*2.2cm Weight: 660g
Package included:
6 * 7.5" Dessert Plate
6 * 8.5" Soup Plate
6 * 9.75" Dinner Plate


Refined Ceramic Clay First By 800 Degrees Celsius Burning, And Then 1300-1400 High Temperature Glaze Burning, Not Easy To Be Broken.
Belong To The Second High-Temperature Roasting Of Healthy Ceramics, The Surface Is Solid And Dense, No Chemical Reaction With The Food.
Designers Bring The Mosaics Elements Of The Fine Into Inspiration, Concise Design Easily Matches Existing Livingware In Your Kitchen.
Easy To Clean, Safe In Dishwasher And Microwave, Take Care And They Will Be With Your Family After Years.
Factory Seller, Save The Cost Of Middle Dealer, 95% Buyer Will Do The Same Choice, Professional After-Sale Team Will Solve Problems For You.


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